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The best blogs about Google

Rex Sorgatz of Fimoculous, answers the question: Among the scores of sites devoted to Google-watching, sympathetic and skeptical, which are the best?


Google Operating System
By  far the most comprehensive destination for all-things-Google, this site  consistently reads between the lines of the press releases, teases out hidden  features, and scoops tech reporters without even trying. The name derives from  the notion that the operating system as we know it is dying–and moving  online.

Taking a  slightly more newsy agenda, Blogscoped tracks new product releases, privacy  concerns, and releases from Google competitors.

The Official Google Blog
You  might think that Google could be the one company that uses blogging as more than  a PR platform. You’d be wrong.

The  Google Public Policy Blog
Also  penned by Google insiders, this controversial site abandons public relations in  favor of lawyerly reflection. Some call it propaganda; others, a transparent way  of being a PAC. Either way, it’s an eye into what Google’s lawyers in D.C. are  working on.

Google News Blog
As  Google tries to figure out where it stands as a content company, this blog from  the Google News team shows some of their thinking.


Just Say “No” To Google
This  might be the most popular blog of all time that has only one post. Originally an  email circulated by Microsoft employees, the site’s solo post posits the pluses  and minuses at working at Google versus Microsoft. Although it tilts slightly  toward Microsoft in its estimation, it’s still an evenly argued examination of  what each company offers its employees.

Google Watch
Google has  plenty of problems — privacy concerns, PageRank gamers, and its policy China  policy, for starters. Google Watch articulates several of these, but an  unsurprisingly backlash-to-the-backlash has sprung up:

Since leaving  Microsoft last year, Robert Scoble’s blog has become considerably more  pro-Google and anti-Microsoft. But the archives contain a wealth of “why do I  get no respect?” rants.
When you hear  this former Weblogs, Inc. founder speak about Google, it’s all about how the  robots aren’t winning the battle against the spammers. Looking for a hotel in  Paris? Just type in “Paris Hilton” and see what happens. His solution is to put  humans back in control by launch, where actual humans are crafting search  result pages, rather than algorithms.

the best blogs about Google
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October 30, 2007
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