Monday, March 31, 2008

Financial Blog Search Engine

Here's a pretty smart idea, via Microcaps Speculator:  Search over 100 of the top financial blogs at once, without any of the spam blogs (splogs) that clog results on typical blog search engines.


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Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Day in the Decade" Beatles tribute (1977 Rolling Stone)

Since April Fool's Day is only 2 days from now,  we present what is simply one of the most embarrassing things ever to have an affiliation with the Beatles: "Day in the Decade" Beatles tribute segment from 1977 Rolling Stone Anniversary.


The author of it writes: 

Beatles tribute from hell! From the Rolling Stone Magazine 10th Anniversary TV special in 1977, found by me on an unlabled Beta tape at a flea market. Featuring Ted Neeley (the guy who played Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar"), Patti Labelle, Yvonne Elliman and several others. I'm sure most of them would prefer this never be seen again.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

How to Get Your Comments Banned

My own policies are clearly stated here, but I like the description of how to get your comments banned over at boingboing:

Q. What's likely to land me in your bad graces?
A. Since you've asked, here's a nowhere-near-exhaustive list:

1. Spamming. Linkwhoring. Re-posting text you've already posted on a dozen other sites.

2. Making supercilious and unpleasant remarks in a civil liberties thread about how the victim had it coming. This is not to say that victims never have it coming; but there's a species of internet demi-troll that appears to specialize in posting such comments. Try not to look like you're one of them.

3. Making snide comments and insinuations about the editors. That's right out. You don't like one of the editors? Take it up with them in e-mail. If you're going to comment on an entry, talk about the entry.

4. Being nasty to no purpose. (This is the catch-all.)

5. Using unnecessarily exciting language. Making an argument is fine. Making your argument in language guaranteed to make your hearers see red? Bad idea. It practically guarantees that you're going to have a dumb (and therefore boring) argument. And if the argument's not going to be interesting, we don't see the point.

6. Jeering, sneering, condescending, or one-upping when there's been no provocation. Telling people they're naive idiots for caring about whatever-it-is. Like the "I'm bored" pose, it's empty attitudinizing, and it's remarkably unpleasant.

7. Failing to notice that there are other people in the conversation. Posting a remark that's already been made five times and answered six. Coming back and re-posting essentially the same material after a twenty-message thread has discussed your previous comment. Trying to forcibly wrench the conversation onto one of your own pet topics. Posting a stale, canned rant you've posted a dozen times before at other sites. Not coming back to see how others have responded to you.

Why post comments at all, unless you expect to be read? And if you expect to be read, you must know you're part of a conversation. Therefore, you should act like it. Engage with what the other commenters are saying. Read the thread before you add to it.

8. Posting a snotty but otherwise worthless anonymous comment. It's a lot easier to get away with snotty comments if you're a registered user.

9. Dragging in one of those topics that's guaranteed to generate a huge thrash that goes nowhere, like gun control, abortion, or Mac vs. PC vs. Linux. You're only allowed to discuss those if (a.) they're relevant to the entry; and (b.) everyone in the discussion is doing their level best to say something new.

10. This list will undoubtedly get longer.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Traveler IQ Challenge

Totally addictive:

brought to you by TravelPod, the Web's First Travel Blog ( Member of the TripAdvisor Media Network )

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tissue Roll Covers


via boingboing

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Nicest Umbrella I've Ever Used: Davek

I was recently given a Davek Duet Umbrella as a gift. These are the Rolls Royces of umbrellas, and if you ever need to give a rather lavish corporate gift, they for you.

The frame is "Carbon WindFlex" -- made of a flexible carbon polymer ligaments to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds. Handles are finely stitched, with a black and silver zinc alloy material and polished silver clip.

The umbrellas are extremely well made, very strong, and made with what appears to be high-end materials. They come with an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee.  Break it, you get a new one. Lose it, and the company allows you to replace it at half price.

The Davek Solo model, with a 43 inch canopy, currently retails for $99. The Davek Duet, with a golf-sized 55 inch canopy, retails for $149. They are carried at high end luxe stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Takashimaya.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Phun with Physics

Swedish graduate student Emil Ernerfeldt created the program Phun, a 2D physics playground, and has made it free to download for non-commercial use. He demonstrates it in a zenful YouTube video, where he creates devices like cars and piston engines in seconds using simple shapes.



via boing boing

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Monday, March 24, 2008

All the water and air in the world

Shown on the same scale as the Earth

All the water in the world (1.4087 billion cubic kilometres of it) including sea water, ice, lakes, rivers, ground water, clouds, etc. and all the air in the atmosphere (5140 trillion tonnes of it) gathered into a ball at sea-level density.


via dan phiffer

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Iraq War = 4,000th US Casuality

A terrible loss, and and even greater waste:


Via Yahoo

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Beatles - Get Back (rare footage)

When The Beatles first set out to make “Let It Be” in 1969, they intended a recording that would be a return to a live performance of just the bare necessities of the band, no studio effects or overdubbing of voices or instruments would be allowed. However, caught in the turmoil of the break-up of the band, the album was re-produced by Phil Spector and never released as The Beatles had originally meant it to sound.

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