Thursday, April 03, 2008

Major Mainstream Media Archives Online

The move away from gated content towards free continues apace. Cartoonists, Magazines and newspapers are offer their extensive archives -- both online and for sale on DVD -- dating as far back as the 1850s.

Jason Kottke describes this as "an incredible record of recent human history, the ideas, people, and events that have shaped our country and world as recorded by writers, photographers, editors, illustrators, advertisers, and designers who lived through those times."

• Harper's Magazine offers their entire archive online, from 1850 to 2008. Most of it is only available to the magazine's subscribers.

• The NY Times provides their entire archive online, most of it for free.

• Time Magazine has their entire archive online for free, from 1923 to the present.

• Sports Illustrated has all their issues online for free, dating back to 1954.

• The Atlantic Monthly offers all their articles since Nov 1995 and a growing number from their archive dating back to 1857 for free.

• The Washington Post has archives going back to 1877. (Not free)

• The New Yorker has free archives on their site going back to 2001, although only some of the articles are included. All of their articles, dating back to 1925, are available on The Complete New Yorker DVD set for $40.

• Rolling Stone offers some of their archive online but the entire archive (from 1967 to 2007) is available as a 4-DVD set for $79.

• Mad Magazine released a 2-DVD set of every issue of the magazine from 1952-2006.

• Nature has their entire archive online, dating back to 1869.

Old media is slowly figuring out that more content equals more traffic, sometimes much more traffic.


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