Monday, June 16, 2008

MV Agusta F4CC


1. Carbon-Fiber Fairing: Aerodynamically shaped to lower drag and hand-formed out of carbon fiber, it's a full 50-percent lighter than the thermoplastic job on its slower, lower-rent sibling, the F4-1000 R ($22,995).

2. Racing Tires: Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pros, rated to withstand speeds of up to 195.6 mph, which is, not coincidentally, the F4CC's electronically limited maximum velocity. Higher speeds would destroy the tires.

3. Four-Cylinder Engine: The liquid-cooled 1,078-cc, inline four-cylinder redlines at 13,000 rpm and lays down 197 horsepower on the terrified asphalt through a six-speed gearbox transplanted from a race bike.

4. Nonslip Seat: Stitched out of Alcantara, a synthetic suedelike material that's made only in one factory in the world (in Italy, natch) and prized for its ability to stop asses from sliding around.

5. Ultralight Wheels: Hand-forged of the thinnest aluminum that could possibly withstand the cornering forces and violent bursts of power delivered by a psychotic rider on a brutally potent motorcycle.


2008 MV Agusta F4CC
Base price: $120,000

Powertrain: Liquid-cooled (with water-oil heat exchanger), fuel-injected, DOHC, four-stroke, inline four-cylinder, four valves per cylinder, six-speed

Displacement: 1,078 cc

Maximum torque: 92 pound-feet at 9,000 rpm

Maximum horsepower: 200 at 12,200 rpm

Seat height: 31.87 inches

Dry weight: 412 pounds

Road test MPG: 27

MV Agusta's Limited-Edition Superbike Is One Sexy Beast
Matthew Phenix   
Wired, 11.27.07   

At $120,000, the MV Agusta F4CC is a rare breed of sport bike   
Susan Carpenter
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer  May 28, 2008,0,5401750.story   

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