Friday, June 13, 2008

NYC for Kids: Playtime in the City

A good overview on what to do with kids in NY:

"Not since the heyday of Robert Moses has the city been host to so many and so new a collection of playgrounds. Supersoft rubber safety surfaces and geodesic domes for climbing, the latest in recreational design, are cropping up all over town. Just last spring the playground on 110th Street and Central Park West reopened after a $600,000 face-lift, its first in more than 70 years. The sprawling Heckscher Playground at the south end of the park was recently redesigned as well, with a moat and a desertlike sand pit, and is so impressive it attracts not only the toddler and grade-school set, but also hordes of teenagers wishing they were little again. The Ancient Playground near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which used to be one of our favorites, has just been leveled and by next year is scheduled to reopen.

There are nearly 1,000 playgrounds in the five boroughs run by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, and picking your favorite is as personal as deciding a name for your child. We love so many, it’s hard to choose. There’s the little playground on the beach at Coney Island with the palm-tree sprinkler; the Vesuvio Playground in SoHo, named after the nearby Italian bakery, with its long jungle gym that’s great for chasing one another. But there are a few that stand out, not just for their newfangled playground equipment, but for their shade, their vibe and the history that surrounds them."


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The NonGuidebook Version of What to Do (and Not Do) in NY

New York’s Big Backyard
NYT, June 6, 2008

Interactive feature:

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