Friday, June 27, 2008

Top Music Websites

Very cool collection of music related links:


  1. Pandora

    Fall in love again, with the possibility of stumbling across a brand new artist, group or band that have been captured through Music Genome Project and overseen by Pandora, so that the flow of new musical talents don't go unnoticed. If you enjoy sampling the sounds of a creative crop of new and still probably new, undiscovered talented, then you will find a whole new world of sounds to delight your listening pleasures.
  2. offers more music  than you can shake a stick at. Join the community and make new friends who share the same interests as you do. members can play full tracks and customize your playlist according to your own unique tastes.
  3. IMEEM

    If you really dig your music, then you have come to the right place. IMEEM is the biggest and most comprehensive music  resource on the web to get great music. Join the IMEEM community and share your music interests with others or watch music videos if you are not too busy.
  4. Songza

    Songza offers music fans the opportunity to search for and listen to the artist or song that they want to on the web. Users are not required to subscribe or pay for the services unlike or Rhapsody does. An added bonus Songza pays for licenses from all of the major performing-rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) and these companies pay the publishers and writers in proportion to the number of plays they get on Songza, so the artists are getting paid and the listener are getting to listen to free music on the web.
  5. thesixtyone

    This website offers music lovers great music to listen to, but not to download. The unique twist is that listeners can earn points by bumping up songs that you like that catches on with other listeners and they too can bump the song up, too. Listeners are the ultimate judges of the song's success or failure. It's kind of like American Idolon steroids.

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Music Rules 2: Top 60 Music Websites That Deliver the Greatest Free Music
by Nelson Doyle, Jun 1, 2008

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