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Clever and Creative Billboard Advertising


January 5th, 2009 | Inspiration |

Creative uses of billboards in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Alien Billboard

A creepy billboard in Ann Arbor , MI. [link]

Formula Toothcare Billboard

Formula Toothcare “builds strong teeth.” [

Heineken Billboard

This outdoor campaign from Heineken is an example of how an innovative idea can have a huge impact in a traditional approach. [link]

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Billboard

Nice concept billboard from Miami Ad School. [link]

Adidas Billboard

IKEA Billboard

Decorate for the holidays. [

Zhangbei Fitness Billboard

Jumbo Muffins Billboard

This muffin crushing billboard won an “OBIE” award from the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF). [link]

Mini Billboard

BMW Billboard

“From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport” [

Nestle Billboard

Creative billboard advertisement from Nestle. [

Alpen Gold Billboard

Kill Bill Billboard

Clever billboard promoting Kill Bill movie. [

Tide Billboards

To demonstrate the long-lasting whiteness of Tide detergent, billboards covered in cotton with self cleaning effect were placed on a really busy road. After a few weeks, they became more and more polluted and clean clothes were revealed.

Floralp Butter Billboard

Slingshot Billboard

“The Back Seat’s No Safer. Belt Up” [link]

Mars Billboard

Nike Billboard

Creative “transparent” billboard by Nike. [

Mercedes Billboard

Nitco Billboard

Wood finish tiles. [link]

Fitness Billboard

Time for Silberman’s Fitness Center . [link]

House Billboard

An inhabitable billboard concept by Front Architects. [

The Economist Billboard

A bulb goes off on this billboard, triggered by a motion sensor. [

BMW Billboard in Germany

Creative metal billboard promoting BMW cars. [link]

Sony PSP Billboards

Clever billboards for Sony PSP gaming console. [

Whiskey Billboard

Maker’s Mark Hand-crafted Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. [link]

Wanted Billboard

Billboard promoting movie Wanted in Russia . [link]

Bubble Gum Billboard

BIC Razor Billboard

The billboard is blank except for a small logo, but without it the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for the giant razor and cut grass. [

Penline Tape Billboard

Very strong tape by Penline , Malaysia . [

Eskom Electricity Billboard

BMW Billboard in Russia

One of the biggest ads in Russia , located in the center of Moscow , it has a number of full sized cars sticked on to it. [link]

Woodland Shoes Billboard

Creative billboard that is hard to miss. [

Coops Paint Billboard

Paint drips off a three banner spread across the north side of the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus Ohio . [

PSP Billboard

Giant Sony PSP Billboard in SoHo . [

Formula 1 Billboard

Creative advertisement by Petrol Ofisi, one of Turkey ’s biggest fuel companies, who is the main sponsor of the Turkish F1 Grand Prix. [link]

Cingular Billboard

“Hate Dropped Calls?” [



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