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The Top 10 Hottest Megan Fox Photoshoots

As you guys probably know, today is “Ban Megan Fox Day ”. Basically, a bunch of websites, including a couple of our buddies, decided to put a ban on Megan Fox today. That’s right, no Megan Fox for an entire day. Hey, I’m totally cool with that, and completely understand that they would want one full day without looking at Megan Fox, reading about her, etc…

Having said that, banning Megan Fox (i.e. the hottest celebrity babe on the planet) on Popoholic, even if it’s just for one day, is as ridiculous as banning your own private parts from any and all activities. So, to make up for the lack of Megan Fox hotness today, I present to you The Top 10 Hottest Megan Fox Photoshoots. Have fun!

Click here to see the Top 10

We used this stunning Transformers  promo photoshoot for our infamousAngelina Jolie  Vs. Megan Fox post a couple of years ago. Check out the pictures here, and find out who you guys thought was the hotter celebrity babe at the time. All of you Megan Fox haters will most definitely be surprised…

Here’s one of Megan’s first photoshoots, and one of her sultriest. I wonder if she’s thinking about that time we ran into each other at Denny’s? Check out the photos here, and here.

Ok, technically this isn’t really a photoshoot, but that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen shot is one of the hottest Megan Fox photos ever seen by human eyes. Check out the drool-inducing photo, and all of Megan’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen promo pictures here.

Yup, even a nerdy Megan Fox is hotter than Scarlett Johansson  andPrincess Leia put together. Check out the photoshoot here.

Here’s one of Megan’s more recent photoshoots. Elle magazine  thought that their female readers would also want to see Megan Fox looking hot and prancing around the beach in a bunch of black and white photos. You see, even women drool over this peach! Check out the photos here andhere.

Alright, now we’re getting to the good stuff. Here’s Megan looking drop dead sexy in an assortment of swimsuits and bikinis for the UK edition ofGQ magazine. Make sure you’re not operating heavy machinery while checking out the pictures folks. Sweet Christmas! Check out the photoshoot here, and here.

Megan’s “Good Morning Megan” photoshoot for Esquire magazine was so big and so swhingtastic that we actually did three separate posts on it. This is hands down the sexiest photoshoot so far this year. Check out Megan waking up in bed in her underwear and in all sorts of mind-blowing outfitsherehere, and here.

Megan Fox topless and in tight leather pants. ‘Nuff said. Check ‘em outhere.

Here’s Megan’s very naughty FHM photoshoot. This is one of the very few shoots where we get to drool over Megan in lingerie and in all of her pseudo nude glory. Click here for the pictures.

Here it is my peeps… The hottest Megan Fox photoshoot ever. And it’s all thanks to GQ magazine. Not only is it the hottest Megan Fox photoshoot, but it’s also by far the hottest celebrity babe photoshoot ever. Hell, even the outtake photos annihilate the competition. Check out the photoshoothere, and here.

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