Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple, Microsoft, Dell, H.P. by the Numbers

$222.12 billion versus $219.18, or $2.94 billion — That was the gap separating Apple and Microsoft at the close of trading on May 26.

$49.53 billion — That’s the gap separating Apple and Microsoft during midday trading on Tuesday. Apple’s market capitalization has surged to $263.75 billion, while Microsoft sits at $214.14 billion. Apple’s run-up has come on the back of strong iPhone sales and rising interest in the iPad. Meanwhile, investors have been unmoved by strong sales of Windows 7, and continue to wonder if Microsoft has another trick up its sleeve.

$52.47 billion — That’s the gap between Apple’s value and that of Exxon Mobil, which has a market capitalization of $315.95 billion, making it the most valuable American company

1,033 — That’s the number of patents Apple has scored over the past eight years. A few Web sites out there spend their time going through Apple’s patents, trying to figure out what wonders the company will come up with next. The conventional wisdom paints Apple as a major innovator, but . . .

1,101 — That’s the number of patents Dell has over the same period. Dell often takes shots for having a thin research and development budget when compared with its major rivals, and is often bashed as being an assembler rather than an innovator. Still, it can claim more patents than Apple. And yet . . .

$24.74 billion — That’s Dell market capitalization on Tuesday. Dell’s share price has taken a drubbing in recent years, as the company continues to try and find some magic to staple onto the Direct Model.

8,046 — That’s Hewlett-Packard’s patent total over the past five years, which looks impressive, but it has been heading in a downward direction. In 2005, H.P. claimed 1,790 patent scalps, and 2,099 the next year. But its patent totals fell after that, during the heart of Mark V. Hurd’s tenure as chief executive, from March 2005 through August 2010. H.P. received 1,269 patents last year.

8,774 — That’s Microsoft’s patent total over the past five years, and it highlights its recent intellectual property offensive. In 2005, Microsoft received just 746 patents despite spending billions of dollars on research and development. The last two years, Microsoft received 2,026 and 2,901 patents.

0 — That’s the number of Cisco networking products H.P. currently has in the heart of its data centers.







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