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Insects Made From Uncut Paper

Realistic Insects Made From One Sheet of Uncut Paper

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Even with a second glance, these amazingly intricate origami designs by Brian Chan still look like real insects. The 31-year old has been working with paper since his youth, making other’s designs and perfecting is craft. In recent years he’s started creating his own designs, carefully planning exactly where folds need to be in a flat sheet of paper… transforming it into a miniature, lifelike sculpture. I’ve included one of his plans below to show how astounding the detail in his planning actually is… remember, these are all one sheet of uncut paper!!

Considering the near impossible detail that goes into each of his pieces, it might not come as a surprise when I tell you that Chan is an instructor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he teaches crafts. The designs featured here are his hobby and are created in his spare time.

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What draws him to this challenging art form? “As an artist,” he says, “I am particularly drawn to Origami because it adds the extra challenge of folding from a square (and I like challenges, sometimes) and incorporates a lot of geometry, which was my more favored sector of mathematics.” See Chan in action at the bottom of this post, then for more of his astounding pieces, see his website.

Above: Flying Katydid
Below: Flying Grasshopper


The detailed design behind the mayfly above.


Allomyrina dichotoma

Goliath beetle

Dorcus curvidens

Locust nymph

Samurai Helmet Beetle


Hissing Roach


Water Strider


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