Saturday, November 08, 2003

C. J. Cherryh

Very nice discussion of C. J. Cherryh at Brain Fertilizer; Cherryh is one of my favorite SciFi authors, and her Merchanter's Luck series is terrific. I particularly love The Pride of Chanur" trilogy, which has now expanded to 5 books. (It's 25 cents used at Amazon, you can pick up the entire series for a coupla bucks, ya cheap bastids).

Here's what Nathan has to say about it:

I've been falling in love with C. J. Cherryh over the last few months. Er, maybe I should clarify: I've been falling in love with her writing. I don't know why she isn't more widely respected. The more I read her work, the more I consider her greater than even Robert A. Heinlein.

Yeah, she's that good. Let me count the ways:

1) She's prolific
2) She knows how to conceive and communicate alien thought. I think it was Campbell who said, "Show me an alien who thinks as well as humans, but differently than humans." She does it, in spades. And invents languages that boggle human understanding.
3) In her "merchanter" novels, she's created a future history that is far more complicated and complete and realistic than anything anyone has ever done, in my opinion. Far better than Heinlein's, Asimov's, or even Tolkein's.
4) She knows men and women. And nails 'em in every novel.
5) She has been writing for decades with greater consistent quality than anyone I've ever known. Again, far better than Heinlein, whose good stuff fell only in a period that lasted about 15 years, and stopped about the time he started being obsessed with sex and becoming a woman, which coincided with the first word of "Stranger in a Strange Land" (Yeah, that's a controversial opinion, but it's mine).

Good discussion, go check out the rest . . .

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